Commissions (custom painting requests)

Thank you so much for your interest in my work! I may make some spots for commissions available in the future - but I am not taking on commissioned work currently as I am working on a larger project of as many dog breeds as I can called "Starry Night Dogs". I have completed nearly 50 dogs thus far. Each painting is 12x12 inches and is 250.00. You are welcome to email pics to me at Please make sure you let me know what breed your dog is, as well. Please ensure pics are clear, well lit, and in the manner of the other dogs I have completed thus far. No overhead shots, please, and no super close profile pics (this is to ensure the pup exists in the space of the Starry Night landscape and not just a profile of a dog.) I can't stress enough the importance of the pics being well lit and clear. You might think your pic looks great, but if I blow it up on my screen and the detail is completely lost in shadows, or there is motion blur, I will not be able to use it.

  You can see examples of all completed works at or my instagram at

If I use one of your images, I will email you and let you know and you then have the choice to purchase the painting from me. Whether you purchase or not, you get a free print the same size as the original as my thank you for letting me paint your pup!  Please do not email and ask if I have used your image - if I do use your image, you will be notified. I will update my instagram should I open up any commission spots down the line. 

Please follow me there at

Thank you so much again! ~Aja